Weingut von Othegraven - Saar
Das Weingut von Othegraven besitzt nicht nur enormes Potenzial mit Großen Lagen-Rieslingen wie Altenberg, Bockstein, Herrenberg und Wiltinger Kupp, sondern beweist schon bei seinen Gutsweinen VO und Max, die allesamt aus diesen Großen Lagen stammen, seine Ambitionen auf die deutsche Top-Liga. Was Thea Jauch, Günther Jauch und das Team um Andreas Barth hier aufbauen, ist schon von besonderem Format. Das VDP-Weingut von Othegraven ist Mitglied von FAIR´N GREEN. Da wir als autorisierter Handelspartner alle unsere Weine direkt vom Weingut von Othegraven beziehen, können wir Ihnen auch die beste Qualität garantieren. Und dies zu denselben Preisen wie ab Weingut vor Ort.

'Wir sind Mitglied bei Fair and Green, weil das Konzept einer Betrachtung, unter dem Kriterium der Nachhaltigkeit, aller in der Weinproduktion betroffenen Zweige uns überzeugt hat. Nach unserem Verständnis kann eine Betrachtung für ein soziales, umwelt- und naturgerechtes Wirtschaften nicht auf die Produktion im Weinberg beschränkt bleiben. Verantwortung sollte in jeden Bereich mess- und prüfbar sein.' Weingut von Othegraven
'Andreas Barth still reflects on the overall positive but surprising development of the 2015 vintage which yielded zesty Kabinett despite the hot summer: “On paper, 2015 should be a ripe vintage. The summer was warmer than and as dry as 2003. We had temperature peaks of more than 41°C (106° F)! Yet, the grapes did not go the way of 2003, i.e. continue ripening and lose acidity. In 2015, the vines basically went for survival and protected the leaves and stems instead of the fruit. The result is that the sugar levels in the grapes hardly changed from mid-July until the end of August. This explains why sugar levels remained at moderate levels by the time of the harvest. The water in September proved a blessing for the vines, even if it was quite stressful for the winemaker as another 2014 scenario could easily have been in the cards. Thankfully, the weather turned for the better in October and we were able to do our harvest more or less as usual, i.e. from October 10 until early November. The bulk of the fruit came in within the 80-95° Oechsle range. The good weather allowed us to harvest some Auslese and even TBA level fruit.”
The Estate produced its usual range of wines which includes an Auslese as well as an Auslese Alte Reben. There is also some highly botrytized fruit still fermenting which may eventually yield a BA or TBA (the Estate is still keeping this open). As of 2015, the range of Estate wines also includes a fruity-styled Kabinett made from declassified fruit from its best vineyards. As in 2014, the Estate will bring a special cask of Altenberg Kabinett and one of Altenberg Spätlese to this year’s Auction.
After a massively successful 2014 vintage, the Estate confirms this grandiose performance by another hugely successful vintage 2015. In particular, the Kabinett wines, while being slightly weightier than in 2014, are gorgeously playful and packed with fresh flavors. The newly released Estate Kabinett is an outstanding effort.' Jean Fisch & David Rayer in Mosel Fine Wines
'Swen Klinger, the Estate manager since 2004, reports that, “although 2016 was a very challenging vintage, we are particularly satisfied by the resulting wines and how well they show at this early stage. The growing season couldn’t be more contrasted. A very dry entry into the year was followed by far too much rain especially in May and June. Just getting into our vineyards to treat the vines proved an arduous task: The soils were soaked with water and muddy. I was really surprised at how good the weather turned out to be as of July. The weather was very dry but this was no issue as we had enough water in our soils. October delivered ideal harvesting conditions. We had cool temperatures with sunny days meaning that the grapes could fully mature and gain that extra layer of complexity on the vines. Harvest was thankfully a relaxed affair as there were quite some differences in levels of ripeness and we had to work really selectively. Botrytis came late but did not really develop. Even without botrytis selections, our yields were low, at only 35 hl/ha.”
The harvest lasted from October 6-7 and was completed by November 2. It allowed the Estate to bring in fruit with sugar levels ranging from 76° to 94° Oechsle. As a result, the Estate was able to produce its full portfolio of wines right up to an Auslese from the Kanzemer Altenberg. This includes GG bottlings from the Bockstein and the Altenberg. As the grapes were ripe and clean, the Estate did rely on some pre-fermentation maceration, as it usually does. It will bring the same bottlings to this year’s Auction as it did last year, namely a special cask of Kabinett and of Spätlese from the Altenberg.
The von Othegraven produced its probably finest collection in a long time (in fact we would be hard pressed to find a better one). The remarkable thing is that this success ranges across all stylistic directions and concerns the smaller wines as well: The Kanzemer Trocken is a superb dry Riesling that can defy many GG. The off-dry Wawerner is simply stunning. Also the fruity-styled wines prove hugely successful, with, among others, the Spätlese from Altenberg and the Kabinett from the Altenberg, Bockstein and Kupp likely to make it on the list of Vintage highlights: They are THAT impressive.' Jean Fisch & David Rayer in Mosel Fine Wines
'This is easily the finest collection of fruity-styled wines at this Estate since the Jauch family has taken over. The wines are of incredibly high quality and shine through zest, purity and presence. Stylistically, the wines may cruise at almost a category higher than what the label states (i.e. the Kabinett have Spätlese presence and the Spätlese show quite some Auslese elements), but the airiness and finesse make more than up for this. Even the smallest wine would be a highlight at many other Estates. The depth of quality is simply stunning. This is a glorious set of wines which showcases the beauty of Saar Riesling like few others. Bravo to the whole team!' Jean Fisch & David Rayer in Mosel Fine Wines über den Jahrgang 2017
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