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Der Gondorfer Gäns Alte Reben Riesling mit nur 5 g Restzucker. 93+ Punkte bei Robert Parker und 92 Punkte bei Jean Fisch & David Rayer in Mosel Fine Wines
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Lubentiushof - Mosel
Weingut Lubentiushof - Gondorfer Gäns Alte Reben 'S' Riesling 2015
Art.Nr. 589
0.75 Liter
€ 30.00
€ 40.00/Liter
inkl MwSt 16 %
Versand € 6.50

'The 2015er Gäns S is a dry Riesling was made in a newly acquired 600-liter oak cask from the Stockinger cooperage. It delivers a nose of ginger, herbs and spices which wrap gorgeous scents of grapefruit puree and herbs. The wine is nicely elegant on the palate and leaves a playful and refined side in the finish. This is still quite raw but should blossom beautifully in a few years’ time. This is a quite successful “experiment” but one where patience is required in order to reap the full benefits! 2019-2025. 92 Punkte' Jean Fisch & David Rayer in Mosel Fine Wines

Allergene: Sulfit. Herkunftsland: Deutschland

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